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Moments In Time
Jeff Porcaro Stories
Robyn Flans

Moments in Time: Jeff Porcaro Stories Robyn Flans

This second volume on the life and music of legendary drummer Jeff Porcaro contains stories and insights from dozens of music business luminaries as well as dozens of never-before-seen photographs.

Jeff Porcaro had attained legendary status in the music world by the time of his passing; at only 38 years old, he had become one of the most recorded drummers in music history. Musicians, producers, industry people, and fans alike held Porcaro in the highest esteem. As a session musician, he had an uncanny ability to not only create the perfect drum part, but to play it with a feel that was sought out by the biggest artists of his time. In this, her second book about Porcaro, author Robyn Flans explores the life and work of the drumming legend through the eyes of people who knew him, worked with him, and loved him.

Upon the release of the biography Jeff Porcaro: It’s About Time, the author received many messages from people who worked with Jeff that had wished they contributed. Gathering these stories together into a collection of memories has created an even more complete picture of Porcaro the person and the musician. A long list of luminaries, including Paul Young, Felix Cavaliere, Steve Porcaro, Eliott Randall, Paul Anka, Jeff Baxter, Gregg Bissonette, Bernard Purdie, David Foster, Eric Carmen, Bobby Colomby, Les Dudek, Jim Messina, Michael Omartian, David Garfield, Stan Lynch, Don Henley, Ivan Neville, Brenda Russell, Randy Goodrum, Elliot Scheiner, Pino Palladino, and Rick Marotta join childhood friends and early bandmates to give a window into how Jeff grew to greatness, and what it was like to play with him at the height of his powers.

With a foreword from legendary Steely Dan producer Gary Katz, the book contains dozens of never-before-seen photos from Jeff’s early years through his time with Boz Scaggs and Toto, and an updated, complete discography of Porcaro’s staggering body of work. This intimate portrait is a collection of memories from those who were privileged to share space with Jeff Porcaro in those Moments in Time.

364 Pages


A Life in Time

Steve Gadd


A Life In Time: Joe Bergamini 


With a career spanning four decades as the most in-demand recording drummer in the world, Steve Gadd is an icon of the music world whose name has become synonymous with groove and drumming greatness. As a sideman, his resume reads like a list of the most important artists of the last half century:  James Taylor, Eric Clapton, Chick Corea, Paul Simon, Al Jarreau, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney, Steely Dan, Stuff, Chuck Mangione, and hundreds of others. With an instantly identifiable feel, sound, and vocabulary, he is considered by drummers to be one of the all-time greats, and is easily one of the most copied, studied, and imitated players in drum set history.

Written by Bergamini under Gadd’s supervision and culled from dozens of hours of new interviews with him, A Life in Time offers a compelling look at all the aspects of Steve’s career. From his rise out of Rochester into the New York studios and through his staggering body of work up to the present day, go behind the scenes at monumental recording sessions during a golden age of music in New York City and Los Angeles, and backstage with Clapton, Taylor, The Gadd Gang and more. A foreword by James Taylor; exclusive new commentary from Tony Levin, Eddie Gomez, Donald Fagen, and Gary Katz; and archival interviews with Chick Corea, Eric Clapton, Phil Ramone, and Russ Titelman add compelling detail to the story.

A combination of biography, scholarly analysis, transcription book, and photo memoir, the book brings all these elements together into a beautiful package. Musicians and fans can experience the sessions that led to the creation of iconic songs and drum parts from the perspective of the people who were there. Drummers who want to study and learn Gadd’s parts will find note-for-note transcriptions from his most famous tracks and performances, including “Aja,” “Nite Sprite,” “Late in the Evening,” “Chuck E.’s in Love,” “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover,” “Lenore,” “Spain,” “Love for Sale,” and many, many more. Intense solo performances from The Gadd Gang, Steps, and others are also included. The notation is coupled with expert analysis from the author, providing insight into the music and Gadd’s creative process. With unprecedented access to Steve’s personal collection, the book is beautifully tied together with close to 200 photographs, many in full colour and never published before.

Book now available from the UK with reduced shipping cost's.


Joel Selvin
Drums & Demons
The Tragic Journey of 
Jim Gordon

Drums & Demons: The Tragic Journey of Jim Gordon

The blazing rock opera of the greatest drummer of all-time, Jim Gordon, from the legendary Wrecking Crew to redefining the genre on the Seventies’ biggest hits and outrageous tours, and ultimately to the most shocking crime in rock history—a story of musical genius, uncontrollable madness, and the big fill.

Jim Gordon was the greatest rock drummer of all-time. Just ask the world-famous musicians who played with him—John Lennon, George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Tom Petty, Frank Zappa, Steely Dan, Ringo Starr, Harry Nilsson, Joe Cocker, and many more. They knew him for his superior playing, extraordinary training and technique, preternatural intuition, perfect sense of time, and his “big fill”—the mathematically-precise clatter that exploded like detonating fireworks on his drum breaks. But as best-selling author and award-winning journalist Joel Selvin reveals in KILLER DRUMMER, the story of Jim Gordon is the most brilliant, turbulent, and wrenching rock opera ever.

DRUMS & DEMONS follows Gordon as the very chemicals in his brain that gifted him also destroyed him. His head crowded with a hellish gang of voices screaming at him, demanding obedience, Gordon descended from the absolute heights of the rock world—playing with the most famous musicians of his generation—to working with a Santa Monica dive-bar band for $30 a night. And then he committed the most shocking crime in rock history.
Based on his trademark extensive, detailed research, Joel Selvin’s KILLER DRUMMER is at once an epic journey through an artist’s monumental musical contributions, a rollicking history of rock drumming, and a terrifying downward spiral into unimaginable madness that Gordon fought a valiant but losing battle against. One of the great untold stories of rock is finally being told.

Due to be published February 2024.

Ian Palmer.jpg

After much mixing, tweaking, mastering and general over thinking, I am finally ready to set my very first solo album free into the world.

There is a lot psychologically going on surrounding this album which I do realise is hardly the biggest release of the year, but I do feel I have something to say, and do feel that this album is packed with musical integrity.

The older I get the more I want to create art that counts, music that is important to me. What I do create, I want it to be as a perfect as possible.

This is a jazz album, and although I play a variety of genres, I started life as drummer some 40 years ago playing mainly jazz and so contemporary jazz seems a good place to start.

As a drummer this album is all "About Time", and on a personal level it is certainly "About Time" that I released a solo recording.

My plan, a little like a scrapbook is to release one album each year to document my journey. This is my recording for 2024.

About Time
Ian Palmer


Wrist Twisters:  Eldin "Buster" Bailey

For those who are not familiar with Buster as he was known after 40 years with the New York Philharmonic and more than twenty years teaching at the Juilliard School, Elden "Buster" Bailey, one of the greatest snare drummers and snare drum teachers of all time, he lived only 30 minutes from Joe Morello's house and were great friends ,has finally written a snare drum book! It's called Wrist Twisters, but it's much more than what the title might suggest. Everyone who has seen it says it is an instant classic. It includes a CD of Buster's playing and a discography of great snare drum performances with the New York Philharmonic. Scott Stevens of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra worked with Buster for more than three years to compile and organize the materials Buster has been gathering for the last forty years. Percussionists everywhere will be forever grateful to Buster and Scott for their efforts. The Introduction is by Christopher Lamb of the New York Philharmonic and Manhattan School of Music. Need we say more? 132 pages plus CD.
This book was first published in 1999 and is acknowledged as one of the finest books on technique.

Elden "Buster" Bailey
Wrist Twisters w/CD

ABRSM - Drum Kit Exam Pieces

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ABRSM Drum Kit Grades

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